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Friday, May 05, 2006
A Political Plea...
Hey Everyone,

Sorry to bother you as I am sure you are all busy however I came across this important news item in the Kaieteur News and wanted to forward this message to as many people as possible and I hope that you will also feel the need to so do. Although I am not an authority on Guyanese politics there is little doubt that the country has suffered enough because of the racial politics that are continually being practiced by the PPP and PNC. It is for this reason, that the people of Guyana have been and continue to be subjected to the constant threat of violence and criminal activity as the political officials have done little to improve the quality of life for the average Guyanese citizen. It is time for all Guyanese people to take back their country from the corrupt politicians and inept government that seeks only to maintain the status quo which is essentially to keep the people as uniformed as possible so that they can maintain the status quo and retain their political power. If the people of Guyana were better informed about the current political practices and policies in place, they would no doubt expect and demand better from their elected officials who, in my honest opinion, have done little to help improve the country. It is for this reason, that I make this public plea to everyone to at least think changing their vote from one that is based solely on race and ethnicity, to one that is based upon the idea of change. There is no doubt that all Guyanese people deserve and I firmly believe that the AFC represents a legitimate opportunity for Guyana to have a prosperous future. If there is any confusion or hesitation to vote for change, then consider voting for the AFC as a means of protest which will send a message to the powers that be that you are tired of the existing racial politics that so divides and hinders the economic and social development of the country. It is time for every Guyanese citizen to take back their country and to assert their power by casting a vote for the AFC.

People do have the power to change the world in which they live in... I encourage you all to please forward this message to all of your Guyanese friends and family and to do all you can to help the AFC win this election either through a donation or by talking with friends and family about the idea that it is time for change, it is time for the AFC lead Guyana toward the bright future our ancestors had envisioned and struggled to achieve.

Thank-you for your time and I although I do not have any affiliation with the AFC, there is no doubt in my mind that they represent the best hope for Guyana.


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